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Functional creativity: my kind of creative recycling

One of the building renovation moments I consider most poetic and exciting is the first inspection, when nothing is yet defined, no choice has been made, the imagination has no brakes, and there are a thousand solutions to a problem. During this phase I mentally apply the needs and the demands of the client to the real space, I become aware of the real conditions of the places and begin to elaborate the solutions of intervention. It is an opportunity to explore the existing and to grasp its potential. And here my attention is often drawn by elements of furniture or existing finishes to give life to and my imagination begins to rework a series of creative proposals of the object now at the end of the line.

With the intention of entering on tiptoe and respecting the identity of the place, my ultimate design goal is creating an architectural work that knows how to extricate itself in the present, squeezing its eye to its past. In this way the final result will have much more value and will not be a simple set of physical spaces, but a unique and alive environment, with a personality, and able to tell a story. This is my creative recycling. It’s a delicate operation, to be contextualized and shaped time by time.

All ideas of reuse, both of a space and of an object, are born from the encounter between creativity and need, reviewing the experiences of the past in the light of contemporary needs and taste. In ancient times it was an obligation to make the most of what we had, whereas today, while the consumer society of the twentieth century is now at the end, a kind of awareness of man in the face of climate change, environmental and economic, is bringing back the ethics of reuse, and I believe that from now on, fortunately, this concept will be increasingly present in our lives.


Threetimesfour. From dividing grate, to coffee table. Click here to see before and after


Emilio. I gave life to a bottle holder wall from the same grate from which I obtained the previous coffee table.


Walter e Jessie. Two stools completely painted white, to which I added steel footrests and replaced the old seat in raffia with a cushion in anthracite leather.  Click here to see before and after


Sometimes it is enough to change the colour of the furniture doors and replace the handles to give the room a lighter look.  Click here to see the whole project.


During the first inspection of this apartment, I happened to enter the kitchen and fall in love with the existing tiles. I decided to repropose them as a covering of the new bathroom and the upper and lateral surface of the fireplace (which remains in the same position and takes the shape of the existing one).  Click here too see the whole project


One of my first interventions of creative reuse (2015): colored paints and a lot of patience to revitalize an old table.


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