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I have been intrigued by architecture and design for as long as I can remember. Fascinated by contemporary things, by technological innovations, by the beauty and by the elegance, I define myself as a creative.My love for allowing my imagination to run free brings to fruition the most assorted expressions: architecture, painting, drawing, photography, cooking, fashion.
I am constantly in search of all that provokes emotions, which is of interestto the world and human soul, a love for travel, discovering new cultures and exploring new sensory experiences.

I’m Veronica Fiore, a graduatein Building Engineering-Architecture at University “Sapienza” in Rome, qualified as engineer and enrolled with the professional Association of Engineers of Potenza (civil and environmental sector), after many collaborations with some architecture and engineering companies in Italy and in England, I started to work as freelancer in 2016. Two years later Iattended the specialization course in Interior Design at IDI (Italian Design Institute) of Milan.

Architecture is a smart and a delicate operation which can combine art and technique, realize an idea, give life to spaces by being able to bend reality to an abstract concept, and push technology to new aesthetic challenges.
Architecture is the key to wellbeing.It is art which measures itself against collective needs and constantly morphing reality.

Each project undertaken isboth a rational and emotional experience. It is a creative act which containssimultaneously a pragmatic reasoning and an artistic expression, respecting all client’s requirements whilst cultivating custom-made soulful spaces.
Like each creative act, there’s a story behind it,one tied to a clear contextual range, and it mirrorsan inherent part of the essence of the person behind the designer.